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"When choosing a school for our son the top priority was his safety. At a young age, our son was diagnosed with several life-threatening allergies. As a parent, we worried about being exposed to allergens in school and how his teachers would react to these situations that could be dangerous and scary.

We also worried about his social and emotional well-being and how his allergies would impact his preschool experience. The incredibly dedicated, educated, and mature teachers and the staff were what finally led us to choose Foundation. After many meetings, we realized just how far Foundation was willing to go to ensure the safety of our son. Whether it was class birthdays or school-wide events, our son's safety was always a top priority. 

What we did not know before attending Foundation was just how incredible the other families would be. How they would react and adapt to having our son as their child’s peer. How they would call and make sure their party was safe for our son. How they would double-check products to ensure his safety. Not only did the school go over and above but the parent body did as well. After four years at Foundation, we are sure that this school was the best choice for our son and our whole family".

Jenny Hoppenheim and Matthew Pekofsky

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