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"Foundation is more than just a school, it has been like a second home to my daughter for the last two years; whose teachers are what best can be described as extended members of our family. I have watched my daughter Taylor flourish under their tutorship; as she has grown emotionally, academically, and spiritually during her time at Foundation.

I feel beyond privileged and exceptionally grateful that she has had the opportunity to be a part of something so special; and while reflecting back on these past two years, I can consciously say that it is precisely its teachers who are what makes Foundation so special. Their devotion and commitment to the children is witnessed each and every day and reflects in the enthusiasm of the children they teach.

It is precisely this unique relationship - between teachers and students alike - coupled with its rich academic teachings, that makes Foundation an exceptional school. And while we close one chapter in my daughter’s life, she has recently graduated from Pre K; I feel confident that she has been well prepared for the new chapter ahead. With that, I offer them my second daughter, Brooklyn, with eager anticipation that she too will get to experience and share in the moments and memories that her older sister did... and she too will be better for it".


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